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The Best Selection of Precious Metals in Erie, PA

Creating a nice jewelry collection can take time, especially when choosing amongst so many different styles. Here at Dahlkemper’s Jewelry Connection , you will find dreamy pieces with the highest quality, so that’s one less concern.

When we think about jewelry shopping, most people usually picture the most well-known types of jewelry, like engagement rings or wedding bands. But our catalog goes way beyond that! Your hands deserve to be adorned with beautiful rings, even if you are not engaged or married yet.

That’s why you should try on some precious metal rings. At Dahlkemper’s Jewelry, you will find the best selection of styles including rose, yellow and white gold! Gold needs no introduction, since it’s one of the most common metals to be used in jewelry. It has a wide appeal and it’s very in-demand.

With yellow gold, for example, you can express that you are a classic person. White gold has a more modern approach, giving you a nice touch of elegance at the same time. Rose gold is a romantic choice that brings a unique sense of style and fashion. Whatever option you choose, you will be stunning! We also work with sterling silver, which is a great alternative for those who prefer an industrial look or a less expensive price point to white gold. This metal is light, durable, hypoallergenic and it’s also very resistant to tarnish.

The best thing about precious metals is that they come in so many different options, colors and styles. This is important, because they are stackable! You can use them together with your favorite pieces of jewelry and the result will be a sophisticated set! Set your creativity free and use it to express your personality!

Investing in precious metals is a good option because they carry some qualities that are worth mentioning. These rings will definitely have a higher value, due to their material. This means that they will last a lifetime, without giving you a headache from worrying about low quality.

They are very resistant! Have you ever had jewelry that changed its color? This won’t happen with precious metals! They are resistant to rust and corrosion, so no tarnish! Another trait related to that, is that they truly glow! They tend to have more luster than regular metals. Although, keep in mind that white gold over time may show a little tinge of yellow over time and that is why we offer in-house rhodium plating to help keep your white gold bright and lustrous!

Picture a perfect outfit for a special occasion and add a glowing ring to it. It will change your entire look and draw everyone's attention to you! Can we agree that precious metals are a total must?

Plus, if you ever need to resize your ring, it can be done without causing any harm to it. It will be like your precious metal is brand new once again.Our in-house jewelers are some of the best you’ll find, with years of jewelry bench experience and a genuine sense of caring!

Our store is located at 6845 Peach Street, Erie, Pennsylvania. Pay us a visit! Our team of non-commission sales experts are ready to help you find your next favorite precious metal piece of jewelry. OAt Dahlkemper’s, you’ll find the jewelry of your dreams, made by a family-owned company that understands and listens to you. We have been in the jewelry business for more than 60 years, always prioritizing our customers. Come shop local with us and discover the Dahlkemper Difference!

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