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Fall In Love With Bypass Engagement Rings in Erie, PA

Getting married is a big step in someone’s life. Finding your soulmate is definitely not an easy task but, once you do, all you think about is spending the rest of your lives together. There are many traditions related to marriage, but one of the most meaningful ones is choosing an engagement ring to propose with.

A lovely option is a bypass engagement ring. This model has existed for centuries, and became very popular in the Victorian era. The initial design featured swirls and curves, creating an elegant look. Ever since, they became popular and evolved to an unclosed circle formed by band coils around the finger.

Bypass engagement rings are a fashionable and sophisticated option. The beauty of this piece comes from different textures and details, complementing its uniqueness. Since the bands aren’t continuous, they can be separated or overlapped, forming a true piece of art

As the cherry on top, those two ends are holding a gemstone or a diamond. The whole structure of the piece was carefully thought to highlight the gem. With each separate line, it’s possible to have a breathtaking view of the diamond’s silhouette, adding even more value to the piece.

The meaning behind is truly heart-melting: the separate bands represent you and your partner coming together as one. This design sends the powerful message that even if you're ready to become one and start a family, you’ll continue to have your own individuality. How beautiful is that?

The piece is often associated with the sentence, “Moi et Toi,” French for, “Me and You.” The design and meaning are so romantic that it’s not hard to see why bypass is a beloved choice for engagement rings.

A useful tip to help finding the perfect ring is thinking about your significant other. What’s their style like? A bypass engagement ring, for instance, is a perfect match for those who enjoy a vintage touch. Since the piece is so meaningful, those who pay close attention to details will enjoy it as well.

The variety of metal colors and gemstones to choose from, proves that bypass is a dream choice. It’ll be very hard not to fall in love with a band that was chosen with so much love and affection. Especially when it comes from a special person and with a one million dollar question, the answer will surely be “Yes.”

At Dahlkempers, you'll find an endless list of options that goes from delicate to stunning pieces that will draw all the attention to your loved one’s finger. No matter the style and preference, we’ve got you covered!

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