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Getting engaged and starting a family is a dream for many people. Before it all happens, there is a very important step to go through: the proposal. In order to make this moment memorable, the most important thing is to assure that your loved one will be amazed by the ring. If you want to surprise someone and cause tears of joy, here’s our suggestion: go for a beautiful bridal set.

This trend is getting famous in the jewelry industry, and consists of buying the engagement ring and the wedding band at the same time. The bands are designed to fit together in a lovely set. A bridal set is the perfect choice for those who know exactly what they want! Plus, it looks absolutely gorgeous when worn together!

Among many options, you’ll see how lovely they look when combined. In general, the options include the engagement ring with a bigger center stone, usually a glowing diamond, while the wedding band is more delicate, bejeweled with smaller gems. The way they complement each other is like no other, creating a romantic ensemble. This is the sweetest way to express love and commitment to your significant other.

There are no rules when it comes to getting engaged. The decision about how many rings and their styles depends on the couple’s beliefs and taste. Feel free to choose the one that makes you the happiest! Since you’ll wear the band for many years to come, it’s natural that you choose something that represents your personality

A bridal set gives you many opportunities to convey that! You get to choose from different metals and from the most breathtaking designs. Get ready to fall in love with every model from our catalog. The biggest advantage of going for a bridal set is convenience. You’ll find two radiant rings in one shopping trip.

One important thing to consider is that after the big day, you’ll be wearing both your engagement ring and wedding band together. That’s why going for a bridal set might be the best idea to keep you from worrying about if your rings will match. The best part is that your bridal set was designed specifically for matching, so they’ll look perfect!

In case you’re wondering, even if you bought a bridal set, during the proposal you’ll receive only the engagement ring. Then, during the ceremony, you’ll add the wedding band and start wearing them as a set. After getting married, most people tend to wear the engagement ring on the top and the wedding band on the bottom, closest to the hand.

Meanwhile, there are those who leave the engagement ring on the left hand during the ceremony and just add the wedding band on top. When it comes to positioning the rings, it’s a matter of personal preference and style. Afterall, rules are made to be broken!

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