Lashbrook Two-tone Cobalt Chrome Wedding Band
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    Lashbrook Grey Titanium Wedding Band

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    Lashbrook Colbalt Chrome Black Wedding Band
    Lashbrook White Cobalt Chrome Wedding Band
    Lashbrook White Titanium 8mm wide flat band Wedding Band

Lashbrook Wedding Bands in Erie, PA

When Lashbrook was first created in 2000, its founder, Eric Laker, had no idea that their humble beginnings of limited styles finished in a garage would one day win 25 international design awards. Named after Laker’s great, great grandfather who was among one of the first western settlers, this Utah based company draws inspiration from this pioneering past to build its metal designing future.

As one of the first US companies to make and distribute Titanium wedding bands and the first company to launch a Damascus Steel wedding band line, Lashbrook is committed to creating one of a kind designs that continue to pioneer in the jewelry world. Lashbrook also understands the skepticism and confusion that many men have regarding their wedding bands and create pieces to meet the most subdued and elaborate styles.

A lovely depiction of a classic but still decorative interpretation of a men's wedding ring is this 14k Yellow Gold and Desert Ironwood Inlay band. Perfect for someone that wants a more rugged look, this band maintains a masculine cohesiveness while offering lovely contrasting elements of texture and color. 8mm wide, the center of the band features a stunning inlay of ironwood that is finished to a pristine shine and smoothness.

Beyond that, the yellow-gold color of the ring pairs perfectly with the amber-colored dark wood, and adds to the natural-looking appeal and the already present earth-colored tones. On both sides of the inlay, milgrain detail surrounds the band, adding a roughness to represent the natural texture of the wood.

For a truly amazing and one of a kind wedding band, Lashbrook offers something that is out of this world, literally. Introducing this 14k White Gold ring that features meteorite as its added design factor. Made from the extraterrestrial debris that has amazed humans for millennia, the iron and nickel content in this material gives it a perfect toughness against scratches, making it great for everyday wear.

Set into 6 segments, white gold grooves separate the material into two long rectangle rows of three. The contrast between the sleekness of the white gold and the rough texture and appearance of the meteorite is challenged by the similar coloring of the two, giving the ring an unexpected harmony. This ring is perfect for the scientist or adventure seeker that likes to defy the norms and also features beveled edges for added comfort.

While also being the first company to launch a camo wedding band line, Lashbrook has other forest-inspired rings for the nature lover in you, including this Mountain Design band. Made out of titanium, the band features a laser-carved design in the middle, with the top and bottom edge of the band maintaining its titanium satin finish so as to frame the depiction.

Inside, a beautiful rendition of a deer in an open field with a few tall trees around it, also left in titanium. And in two different lasered shades of black are trees in the background and the night sky above.

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