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Gabriel &Co. Engagement Rings in Erie, PA

Engagement represents the union between you and your partner, an expression of your love and commitment to each other. You are ready to pop the question and with that comes the engagement ring.


At Dahlkemper’s Jewelry Connection, we have the perfect match, a ring that will portray your relationship, the journey you’ve been through, and what you want for your future together in its entirety.


Gabriel & Co. engagement rings include 14K yellow, rose, and white gold, all made with special attention to detail, in different shapes and styles.


No matter which style you choose, we know one of these gorgeously designed engagement rings can be a part of that happy and important occasion. Whether your significant other prefers a vintage ring encrusted with a beautiful shiny diamond or a more contemporary one filled with the color and sparkle of sapphire, a Gabriel & Co. engagement ring is sure to bring tears of joy.


While diamonds keep the tradition and class of an engagement ring, they are also a symbol of love and fidelity, and you can always add a twist to make your ring more unique. Sapphires are one of the finest gemstones as well, they represent commitment and wisdom, and you can choose the color that best suits your personal fashion: blue, pink, yellow, or white.


The cut reflects the elegance and charm only Gabriel & Co. engagement rings have. Their selection includes the traditional oval shape, as well as the exceptional marquise cut, and the dreamy princess shape. The frames accommodate the chosen gemstone in different impeccable designs, such as the classic solitaire, or the modern, but equally appealing split shank.


There are also different options of halo styles, that include up to three stone halo engagement rings. Any metal you choose is going to fit perfectly with the shape and style of your preference. Yellow gold is always a classic, with the perk of being hypoallergenic. Rose gold carries a more romantic quality, while the white gold can be seen as more elegant.


And you don’t need to choose just one, there is the possibility of mixing different types of material and gemstones. Gabriel & Co. engagement rings are original and innovative, even in their more traditional designs, hitting the right spot for contemporary high-end jewelry.


Their collection is stunningly exquisite and bears the authenticity to remain timeless.


The bands on display radiate class and luxury, and there is the option of a custom made ring as well, both of which offer a truly unique piece of jewelry.


Come and choose your Gabriel & Co. Engagement Ring with us

Even if you’re not sure what you’re looking for, at Dahlkemper’s Jewelry Connection you will find out. We have a friendly and knowledgeable staff ready to help you find the engagement ring that stands for all you value in your relationship and all you foresee in your marriage.


We are the top quality go-to jewelry destination in the Erie, PA area, here you add positively to the experience of getting engaged. Through our jewelry, we make the present last forever in the most caring, passionate, and delicate way we can.


Your story matters to us, and we know that an engagement ring is an important part of the path you’re carving for yourselves.

Book an appointment, share your story with us, and let us be a part of your happiness.

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