Dahlkemper's Jewelry Connection is Erie’s premier supplier of Benchmark Wedding Rings. Come see us today and choose from our in-house selection of Benchmark Wedding Rings!


Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. Benchmark offers a wide variety of wedding rings. While Benchmark has built its reputation on manufacturing quality wedding bands for men in traditional precious metal, Dahlkemper's also offers womens diamond wedding rings as well as contemporary wedding rings in exciting new metals like Cobalt, Black Titanium, and Tantalum.

Benchmark Jewelry Designer in Erie, PA

At Dahlkemper’s Jewelry Connection , we value working with designers that care about the environment and our communities, and that’s why we’re humbled to carry Benchmark Wedding Rings. Understanding the social and environmental implications that metal mining has, Benchmark is dedicated to repurposing recycled precious metals to craft and design all of their fine jewelry.


While still guaranteeing the high quality you deserve, Benchmark is committed to not contributing to common issues associated with mining and they do this by rejecting the mining of new materials.


With multiple metal types in their repertoire, Benchmark is bound to have the perfect wedding ring match for you. They also understand the hesitancy that many people feel when choosing a wedding band for themselves and offer a wide selection to choose from, with classic to highly stylized to fit all comfort zones.


One of their most-used metal types is the highly durable Cobalt Chrome. This material is four times harder than platinum and less prone to scratches and corrosion while still maintaining minimal weight due to its low density.


Perfect for both a hands-on working individual and someone with sensitive skin. Cobalt’s hypoallergenic nature also lends to its extreme reliability in wedding rings.


For a ring slightly more elevated, Benchmark offers a Cobalt Chrome set that contains two black graphite inlays encircling the band. In between the two layers of graphite lay three dispersed diamonds.


For men, you can maintain a masculine look even with the addition of the small diamonds. This could pair with your partner’s engagement ring and allow you to make a statement of your own. For a more classic look that still allows you to make a slight statement, perhaps an option in all black.


Also scratch-resistant, Tantalum is the newest metal addition at Benchmark and is prized for its standout grey-blue color. A wonderful example is their 6.5mm Tantalum wedding band that features a swirl finish and is both equally bold and refined.


While it maintains the straightforward look, many would expect from a man’s wedding ring, the smoothness of the finish provides a rustic charm that compares to no other.


For perhaps a more industrial look, Benchmark also features a Tantalum wedding band with riveted edges. While still preserving comfort, the textural element to this ring is captivating.


Lastly, for those that want to match their partner’s ring, Benchmark offers both 14K and 18K gold in White, Rose or Yellow. Of similar caliber and strength, the time-honored Platinum is a wonderful choice that Benchmark is proud to carry and offer at a variety of price points.

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