Amavida Engagement Rings in Erie, PA

From the brother design team behind New York City-based Gabriel & Co, Jack and Dominick Gabriel have highlighted certain pieces to be under their new Amavida collection. Translating to “love for life,” Amavida is where Gabriel & Co. let their designer’s creativity and imaginationS run free.


Featuring some of the world’s most intricate designs and meticulous details, each Amavida band is transformed into a work of art. If you’re looking for a true one of a kind piece, then this is the collection for you, and we at Dahlkemper’s Jewelry Connection are humbled to carry such ingenuity.

Truly a depiction of artistry, this 14k White Gold Three Stone Engagement Ring is one to see. A glorious and rare octagonal diamond takes center stage here, with a milgrain outline and octagonal halo framing the wondrous cut. On both sides of the crown, an expanded diamond-shaped sapphire sits in a bezel cut horizontally against the band, forming a lovely contemporary twist on the classic three stone ring.


While very much a modern style ring, the geometric shapes bring a lovely Art Deco-inspired element that you don’t see too often in engagement rings, giving it a boldness that will amaze. As the sapphire slopes downwards, diamonds line the band in a scalloped setting. On the profile, we see that the floating halo is elevated and held up by a diamond-studded arch.


Another Vintage inspired ring with equally as intricate ornamentation is this 18k White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring. Although a round cut diamond, the claw-shaped six-prong setting gives off the appearance of corners and the illusion of the diamond as hexagonal. In a similar fashion to the former ring, an expanded diamond shape outline features a cluster of diamonds and beading inside. Just above, two leaf-like teardrop-shaped outlines contain a round cut center stone and add an element of nature to the band.


The edges of the band are also a strong depiction of the in-depth detailing put into the Amavida collection, with knife-edge designs running down the center and beading along the edges. On the profile, the intricacies of the milgrain detail are evident, with diamond clusters peppered throughout in an ornately elegant fashion.


For perhaps a more contemporary version of an engagement ring, this 18k White-Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Ring is the perfect choice to make her feel special. Upon first glance, it looks like a simple rose gold band with white gold and diamond accents, but in reality, it’s a delicate and intricate combination of twists and curves.


One rose gold shank splits Into four midway up the band, with the outer two transforming into diamond-studded white gold segments. As they move up, they cross over the band and make a fishtail shape, highlighting and guiding the eye towards the round cut center stone.


The inner two rose gold shanks, however, they follow their own distinct path. The diamond-studded shank becomes the archway that, as it wraps tightly around your finger, creates a dazzling loop that lightly lays against the center stone, adding to the centerpiece. The nonstudded rose gold segment follows the raised white gold segments up the spine of the band to form the base for the center stone.

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