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Custom Jewelry


Do You Have a Jewelry Design and Need Someone to Make it for You? 
We will work with you to turn your jewelry idea into beautiful reality. There's something very special about designing a piece of jewelry yourself, and seeing it go through the entire creation process: from the design sketch to the final, polished masterpiece. Your custom jewelry designs will be absolutely unique, and there are few gifts more meaningful than designing something for that special Someone in your life.


We specialize in creating custom engagement rings. What is more romantic than designing your own engagement ring, especially when the design is expanded into your wedding band. Bring us your ideas, and we will work with you to create an engagement ring so beautiful that your beloved will be sure to say "Yes"! Don't worry we specialize in matching or unique wedding bands.


Jewelry is one of the humanity's oldest art forms. We love creating custom pieces from our own designs, and we also love working with our customers to help them realize their own artistic vision in jewelry. You provide the sketches and ideas; we will provide the craftsmanship and technical expertise to bring it to life. We will work out the details of your design with you and can offer suggestions based on our years of experience.

Our custom jewelry design process is an artistic collaboration between your inspiration and our expertise.

Custom made jewelry is as unique as you are. These pieces are special and they reflect your individuality. In other words, they are uniquely yours.
Sometimes it is a one-of-a-kind engagement ring. Or perhaps a wedding band to match the intricate shape of an engagement ring.

Maybe you admired a special piece of jewelry in a magazine or on a friend’s finger?
Inherited a piece of jewelry that could use a “make-over”?
And the best part of the process is that on many occasions all you need to do is go through your jewelry box and look for jewelry pieces that could be “re-purposed” into new. Just like people, jewelry “ages” too. Custom jewelry is not new pieces only. You can also update or completely re-design existing jewelry. We can use diamonds, colored stones, and even metals from your old pieces to create a very special new piece of jewelry for you.


At Dahlkemper's, custom design jewelry is at the heart of what we do and believe. Oftentimes, custom jewelry marks a momentous occasion such as an engagement, birthday, or personal achievement, but just as often, custom jewelry may represent anything that a person holds dear, and wants to memorialize through personal symbolism and form. Using the materials of nature, we co-create with the client pieces of wearable art that last through time. 

Some custom pieces may involve reworking your old unworn jewelry that may still hold great meaning for you, only redesigned to fit your life in the present. We will purchase, trade or recycle your metals, work with your gems, or help you select from our vast diamond and gemstone collection.

  • Let Dahlkemper’s help create that special piece of jewelry for such an important time in your life. We offer several types of custom design:
  • CAD CAM which is computer design jewelry
  • Hand carved wax mold
  • Handmade goldsmith/silversmith design
  • Jewelry Remount: We can set your original stones into a new piece of jewelry
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